Brian Claeys

Composer and Electronic Music Creator Brian Claeys is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he majored in Film Scoring and Electronic Music Production.

Born just outside of Washington DC, Brian Claeys began playing piano at a young age, and later started his pursuit of a career in music by studying composition for three summers at the prestigious Walden School in Dublin, NH. A few years later Claeys was admitted and enrolled at the Berklee College of Music with an intention to study film scoring at the prestigious institution; However, Claeys quickly became immersed in electronic production as well as film scoring, eventually declaring a dual major, and has edited and produced a number of songs, compositions, and podcasts for commercial use since then.

Brian in lives LosAngeles where he is pursuing work with a Film Scoring or Commercial Music Company, composing music for film, TV, commercials, or other musical projects involving electronic production and synthesis.

As a versatile musician with experience in many different fields of music, Brian Claeys is on track to become an innovative and successful musician for years to come.